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López-Vicente, M., Fujiwara, S., Onda, Y., Kozuka, S., Wakiyama, Y., Kato., H. (2023)
Combined use of UAV-SfM surveys, soil particle tracking with RFID tags and a sediment connectivity index to study plot-scale sediment transport.

Science of The Total Environment, Available Online. <Link to Abstract>
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Kato, H., Onda, Y., Maejima, K. (2022)
Distribution of radiocesium and its controlling factors under the Japanese cedar canopies.
Journal of Environmental Management, in press.

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Zhang, Y., Onda, Y., Kato, H., Feng, B., Gomi, T. (2022)
Understory biomass measurement in a dense plantation forest based on drone-SfM data by a manual low-flying drone under the canopy.
Journal of Environmental Management, 312, 11486. < Link to Abstract>

Saidin, Z.H., Levia, D.F., Kato, H., Kurihara, M., Hudson, J.E., Nanko, K., Onda, Y. (2021)
Vertical distribution and transport of radiocesium via branchflow and stemflow through the canopy of cedar and oak stands in the aftermath of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident.
Science of The Total Environment, 818, 151698. <Link to Abstract>